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Hi! First, fair warning...I'm a bit of "talker" which can be off-putting to some, I'm told. This section is probably too long, but that's me! :) Okay, I'm originally from Cape Cod and am a New Englander at heart! I have a husband, Mike, and a daughter, Jane, who's six years old (bday 6/11/07). We actually live in Valrico, FL which is a suburb east of Tampa. Mike and I have lived in the Tampa Bay area for over 17 years and married 13 of those. My daughter was diagnosed with Autism at age two along with a few other disorders. I am working with various professionals to determine the etiology of it all am learning a lot more about biochemistry, genetics, and nutrition than I ever thought possible! She is high functioning and verbal, for which I'm infinitely grateful. I was diagnosed with MS on June 30, 2006 and was in the middle of trying to conceive through fertility treatments. After my diagnosis, I underwent IVF and was successful that first time in becoming pregnant. Jane was born a few weeks less than a year after my MS diagnosis. I was lucky to spend the first nine months of her life without the series of attacks that left me disabled. Prior to Jane's birth I was an early childhood and elementary school teacher in my local school district for nine years and in private schools for three. I LOVED being a teacher; it was my lifelong dream to teach in elementary schools and share my experiences with other teachers. I've worked with children (and I include my daughter here!) for nearly 20 years. Honestly, I was devastated when my disabilities made teaching impossible - cognition and extreme lassitude that requires medication were the proverbial "one-two punch" that did this to me. They are among other problems, but the cognition disability really hit me hard. I have not truly accepted being out of the classroom permanently; not sure that I ever will. I try to stay positive, but Mike, Jane, and I are pretty much on our own. Not much family or friend support, I'm sorry to say. I have two friends and one sister who really are there for me (one lives here, one lives in New York state, and the other in Massachusetts!). I guess that's why I'm here on this site. My doctors and husband agree that I spend too much time dealing with Jane's health and giving my own a minimal amount of attention. So...here I am trying to connect. My mother also has MS, but talking about it with her is difficult and counterproductive (for lack of better words and being as respectful as possible). My goal is to find ways to deal with what's going on with me, get healthier, and be happier. :)


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Hobbies and other interestsOkay, I usually have my Nook or Android with me so I can read whenever I get time, whether a few minutes or a couple of hours! I love reading and wish I could write fiction. I haven't had that inspiring idea and would probably need a lot of help! I usually read Jane Austen, modern romantic fiction, and I loved the Harry Potter series! I was actually known as the Harry Potter Professor during my last two years teaching because of the influence it had in our class. I can elaborate if you're interested. :) I enjoy all kinds of movies, from "Life is Beautiful" (tears just thinking about it!) to the Twilight series! I tend to have eclectic tastes as you can probably tell! I enjoy all kinds of coffee and wine, as well as chocolate confections! I enjoy baking in the fall and winter (but don't do it much anymore). I am interested in all things that are cutting-edge in Autism research, esp. bio-medical treatments and its etiology. I love all things to do with Autumn - my sister and I bond over this in particular! I love learning and improving myself. I also love yoga! I began practicing yoga in January, 2004 and became quite the "yogi" in the year-and-a-half of intensive practice. "Life" has blocked the path to practicing my yoga, but some of that is my own fault and one of those things I'm working on accepting that I can't do certain things today that I could do "pre-MS disability." So, I guess that's it for now...this is a stream of consciousness writing - so to summarize, I love to read, write, practice yoga, indulge in foods & drinks such as 'good' coffee, wine, and chocolates, and have a passion for educating myself so that I can help my daughter with Autism have the best life possible.

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