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I decided to change my story. I have been living with MS for over 13 years. We all have different stories about the beginning of our MS journey. These last thirteen years has had its ups and downs. Having MS, it has made me stronger. Not in the physical strength stronger. My own peace of mind stronger. I use to get hung up on being disabled. I didn't like the label. Being dependent on the government. But, I had to go where I could find resources. Having MS, I allowed it to define me. It was another label. The questions were how, why, when, and who. How was I going to make it? Why at this stage of my life? When will can I get off this ride? Who was going to want to be with me? After thirteen years of this disease, I've told all those questions and many more that will come: MS kick rocks. I'm going to live in the moment. I'm going to enjoy this day, not a future date. I am disables. I do have MS. The ride isn't over. It has become and has shaped my life. Who would to be with me: ME. If the world and anyone doesn't like me, they can kick rocks too. In six days, MS has been my life journey for 14 years. How you like me now?


Living Well with MS Emotional support, Healthy living, Mobility and accessibility, Relationships and intimacy
Getting Involved Bike MS, Advocacy, Volunteering
Hobbies and other interests<p> reading, movies, puzzles, and games</p>

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