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It all started In Jan 2018 when all of a sudden during the night while trying to sleep I start having these whole body muscle spasms all throughout the night that would greatly interrupt my sleep. Then when I needed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night the moment I would get ready to get up to stand to my feet and start walking my leg muscles would tighten up and I would begin walking like a toddler taking their 1st steps. That would lasts only about 30seconds then I could walk faster and normal afterwards. Now I let this go on for months because I just thought it would eventually go away because all up until that point I was in excellent A-1 health not needing medicine for anything. Then one day while going through my normal wkly work day routine it was on a Monday morning in March and I remember this day so clear because it scared me so bad. Well I ran up 16 subway stairs got to the platform and while running on the platform heading for another set of stairs all the feeling left my body from the waist down and I came to a screeching halt in mid stride like a car cutting off on a highway. All I could think of is what just happened to me? Well as quickly as that happened the feeling and electricity connection in my body kicked back in and I was able to get on about my normal way. Well it happened again that same wk and I immediately connected these two episodes with the night spasms I was having and realized something is just not right and I needed to make an appointment with a neurologist. I never thought after making that appt in June that I would get a diagnosis of MS in August after several tests being done. Well I was devastated but took it all in stride like the Champ that I am and with a champs attitude I told my Neurologist and myself Im going to beat this. Even now with more challenges that just came to visit I still am hopeful and optimistic of overcoming this disease. Others have and I can too and that's what I constantly feed my spirit with daily inspite of what the challenges bring from day to day. Currently my biggest challenge is trying to remember that I have to slooooow down and think before I just act because my quick, reflexor sudden moves mindset likes just sprinting off for buses and trains or quickly stooping down to pick up something I just dropped can cause a painful spasm in my legs. Its very frustrating for me personally being that I was a skinny 5ft 3 of a bean stalk lol trophy celebrated star track runner all throughout my years in school from elementary to HS as well as a celebrated skilled dancer. So I'm not used to having to think about making quick sudden moves that we normally just take for granted without thought. My hopes, prayers wishes and dreams are that someday soon I will be able to see all of us arrested, stumped, slowed down or challenged by this disease be blessed to be recipients of a cure for this. I want to tell someone new as I am to this disease whether it be you or someone close to you to do your own research and learn all you can about your type of MS and your particular challenges based on what your own individual experiences are and communicate those challenges to your doctor so that they can document them and track your symptoms so they can put a put together the best therapeutic plan for you based on your unique challenges you're dealing with because everyone with the same type of MS dont suffer all the same type of symptoms. Also surround yourself with as many caring, understanding and supportive people and MS support groups in particular as you possibly can to gain more emotional and mental strength and support from people who understand what youre going through and can empathize with you. If I can figure out where MS comes from or just what causes it then I can figure out how to eradicate it and create a world free of it and you better know Im ON IT and once I find out you better believe Im gonna tell ALL of U that we are All...Free at Last! Free at Last! Thank God Almighty We are All Free at Last of MS! I will leave you with this motto of mines....I have MS...MS doesnt have me. Be encouraged and stay strong my MS Warriors & MS Freedom fighters out there. You Can Do It! God Bless you All. Until next time. ComeAgain : )


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