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I began noticing numbness in my fingertips but I was only seeing a chiropractor for lower back pain. He could not help me. Then a new chiropractor could not give me a decent reason why I could not walk so good after another year. I would get tired after a few blocks. I mentioned it to my primary care doctor and she had me take tests and see many doctors for additional symptoms, but the neurologist could explain my concerns. By this time, I assumed the fatigue had to do with menopause although my walking was stilted and hard. Another year after trying different chiropractors, the one who cured my frozen shoulders tested me and guessed, but could not diagnose. He instead had my doctor send me to another neurologist who gave me a head MRI and spent time explaining my new diagnosis. I've done a great deal of reading, talking to others with MS and worrying about continued employment with increasing problems. I've had to take an early retirement from teaching. I now juice almost daily for energy, use a vibration machine for exercise, started a gluten-free diet which has shown an increase in energy and cognition; I somehow just found this site even though I read the newsletter and magazine the same day I receive it. I keep up with MS sufferers on DailyStrength.com but still feel alienated. This is my first adult year not working and it is weird. I can not get around well but I read mostly bios and other nonfiction, complete crossword puzzles and work-out on Lumosity.com. I generally sleep at least ten hours. I thought I could do something that would bring in some income but haven't gotten there yet. I used to write stories and poems but can't bring myself to doing that. My right hand is pretty useless. Dragon is not as easy as advertised. I'm very spiritual and pray, read the bible and follow mindfulness from Buddhist practices. I used to take photos, bike, salsa dance, hike and take long walks, all of which I can no longer do. My biggest challenge is to stop cursing so much when I can't do little thins like dress myself or cook. My hope is that more research is poured into stem cell research to end MS.



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