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I was diagnosed in July 2010 due to lost vision in my right eye. I can remember much earlier in life of getting lost in an area that I lived in for years. I was always tired as a child and young adult. Later on I notice Cognitive issues were showing up more and more I didn't understand why I was having a hard time with remembering how to do things. When I was diagnosed that everything fell into place, my issues had finally found an answer. The next big huddle came in May 2013 had my second flare up. Vertigo was the results of my flare up at the time I was on Aubrigo - Oral Medication. My first experience with an IV of steroids. Had first experiences with a good stick and a bad stick/IV. The good news is I found out if it hurts when you are flushing dont force the issue stop and call someone. I also found out that I didnt react to the IV steroids like others or what drug list stated might happen. It made me feel like road kill warmed over those first 2 days then just tired, needing sleep. BUT I worked through the whole thing (I no longer worked 2 jobs by 2010). During this flare up/relapse, I learned skills I didnt know I had vertigo would hit at all times no matter what was going on (driving or whatever) I learned to adapt to the situation at hand. Today I still have an issue with listening to my body but I hope I am in tuned a bit better. July 2010 started my life journey. Dealing with doctors, dealing shots 3 days a week. Waiting for that next shoe to drop. I was in a negative frame of mind when this all came to head in 2010. It took me a bit to get my feet under me and decide to attack MS. Ive drawn the line in the sand and MS challenged me to either sit and take it or take the bull by the balls (or is it horns?) and run...Its a WAR on Multiple Sclerosis! So I decided to work my disease, educate, fight and to bring MS in the forefront of people (including our government) minds that never ever gave MS a thought. It is not their fault if they dont have anyone who is affected/effected by this disease. It is part of my job to get them and anyone else educated and to understanding that is time to figure this disease out and that NMSS needs their help to get there. My fight is about me but mostly its about others who suffer from this disease. I remember telling my mom, that I am a able body I need to step up and out of my comfort zone by becoming a force to be recognized. Thanks to MS, my family has grown. I have connections in multiple of states on top of my home state of Louisiana. I am blessed beyond measures! I give God the glory! I look at the people I know and I know that it is not just me I am fighting for I am fighting for my family and those family members that havent been diagnosed yet. I encourage everyone to get involved with lending their voices, talents to the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Voices of many tend to be heard easier than just one voice singing...


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