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After at least 8 years of symptoms and over 2 years of test, I was diagnosed 6 months after my third son was born in June 2019. It took a long time for me to even consider MS as a possibility. I wrote every symptom off until an optometrist identified optic neuritis. Numbness and spacicity... back injury Symptoms in hands... carpal tunnel? Tingling and pain... RLS Pain in face... damaged nerve from broken tooth Fatigue and cognitive problems... motherhood Tingeling in stomach... oophorectomy Vision loss... hormones Tingeling in back... pregnancy Falling... dislocated hip and pelvic bone I’m in that 10% that do not go into remission during pregnancy so I couldn’t ask myself “Why is life better while pregnant?” Honestly... this diagnosis is a relief. I’m not crazy, I’m not a hypochondriac, there’s treatment. I’m on Copaxon and even though all of those symptoms effect me, physical therapy and occupational therapy have helped so much. I walk with a cane now. So I don’t fall as often or fatigue as fast. I’ve learned how to turn when I walk without falling, step over toys and through door ways. Now I’m able to use a chair to work get up and down from the fooor to play with my 3 boys. I’m believing things will keep getting better.


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