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Hello my fellow MS WARRIORS AND WARRIORETTES!!! I'm newly diagnosed. I found out on 6/14/18. After suffering from optic neuritis for several years and experiencing pins & needles feeling in my toes and hands along with an onset of numbness. I then went and seen a neurologist who told me I needed an MRI to check & see what was happening to me buuuuuutttt before that alllll occurred they had to run several blood tests to rule out all other diseases that mimic MS.... ok fast forward eventually they did an MRI and pooooffff lesion city on my poor brain, cervical and thoracic spine along with the 3 day hospital stay because I was having a flare up (thats what they told me) Because my feet were numb for almost a month... after the steroids and my poor veins crying for help lol!! I'm here. I don't know anyone with MS so I'd figured I'll go find me a MS family!! This is a journey and I'm learning daily about my disease some days are blaaaahhhh and others I'm like God please let my Husband be a PCA LOL!!!

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