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Feeling like I'm caught-my brain says I can do all that i want to do, but my body and brain give out on me at unexpected times. The MS seems to be progressing in ways I don't appreciate. I can deal with the bladder issues, the occasional wobbles, and the need for naps. However, I'm not happy with the cognitive issues that I'm noticing, some word retrieval, changes in keeping my focus focused, confusion when attempting multitasking, need for more list making per day, etc. I think those are jumbled into executive function tasks, and I'm minding that I'm not the reliable Fix It Girl, capable of solving most problems without help. The asking for help is not an easy task for me, having to learn to accept offers of help and ask for more when needed. Sigh.


Living Well with MS Healthy living, Mobility and accessibility, Relationships and intimacy
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Hobbies and other interestsStained glass, gardening, YMCA classes, reading, knitting, etc.

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