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My Story 1

Was told after a shoulder MRI in 2011 that it showed what looked it MAY be MS but a neurologist hadn't read or confirmed it so my doctor told me that it was something to "look out for in the future" but I probably am fine and wont develop the disease. Well fast forward to 2014 and more MRI's showed conclusively lesions in my brain and down my spinal cord. I had relapsing remitting MS I was told. Despite medical experience I knew nothing about this particular disease. My granddaughter was born in 2013 and and in 2014 when my disease really took off unfortunately was in prison as it blossomed, I don't recommend. I saw year after year my physical capabilities and endurance being cut in half each year. I know now that I displayed symptoms at least 3 or 4 years before the intial find but I always thought it was due to depression (my fatigue and depression). So now I have been recently released to make something again of my life however I am doing this without my wife and daughter who tragically died 9 months before I came home. I am fatigued ALL the time. I have pains that are getting worse all the time as well as all the other good stuff that comes along with MS. I am committed to try to work in a field that helps others with mental health and/or substance abuse and am just beginning the courses I need to get my certification. It will be the first job that I will actually get up nd want to go to . So I am trying to build a new life for myself while dealing with all the symptoms that we all go through and I just finally became brave enough (or desperate enough) to reach out to others who understand what its like.


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Hobbies and other interestsI walk on my own however far I can with rests in between.

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