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5/2010 - officially diagnosed with MS. 2008, I became unusually ill. Testing positive for West Nile Virus I thought it was all figured out. I was wrong! quickly the next two years seemed consumed with unimaginable symptoms; extreme vertigo, optic nueritis repeatedly, weakness, confusion, and Pain. Being a single uninsured mom brought on complete stress and fear of something unknown. One MRI and Spinal Tap later it was clear, I had an incurable chronic disease, Multiple Sclerosis. I immediately started diet, excercise, an array of supplements, and Copaxone. Hoping dealing with all the reactions/side effects to Copaxone would be worthwhile, it was not. No hope loss, 1 yr. later it switched to Beta-Seron, which I think gives me flu like symptoms to think about. Couple of hospital visit, some steroids, more Optic Nueritis, more Lesions and not liking the option of switching meds again I waited. 5/2013 - Waiting for Techfidera to be released. Which also had side effects for me, they lessened over time mostly. No more shots! This was going to be my miracle pill. 6 months in Techfidera didn't seem to be doing much modification to the disease. 6 more months same MRI news, "Relapsing"! So here I am now...Limbo...Transfusions? I can't (at least really don't want to go back to shots)! Emotional limbo


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Hobbies and other interestsPainting, glass art, woodworking, designing, drawing (art in all aspects)

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