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  • Age 44
  • Relationship Married

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My story, started in 2006. With what we coined "a hitch in my get along". A limp that was slight in my right leg. It would just come and go. No rhyme or reason. Thought I was overweight and pinching a nerve. Fast forward to 2008. I'm working in a gas station. My customers are noticing the left side of my face drooping and my speech slurred. I ignored those signs as well.a couple months later, I was sitting in class one evening shortly after the droopy face. Things started sounding funny, looking strange, and I couldn't hardly speak. I was rushed to er. A TIA, they said. The other symptom that followed, that I should have really paid attention to- the numbness in the left side of my face. We are jokesters in my home. I truly thought my kids had put Icy Hot on my pillow as a joke. The ER told mr to follow up with my primary. In February of 2009 I had an MRI scheduled. That morning before the MRI appointment things really went dark. I was getting ready to leave for the MRI appt and I began to have a stroke on my front porch. By the grace of God two of my friends were there with me right then. They called an ambulance and off I went. That stroke landed me in the hospital for 12 days while we waited for whatever news was coming. Day 6 the neurologist said I think you have Mutiple Sclerosis. Now the really scary part- she continued on saying there was a mass on the lower back of my brain, she thought might be a tumor. The next two days time just stopped. Laying there in the hospital, all I could think "Is this really how my story ends?" Then the results were back. Just MS!! I'm so very grateful. Even though I really had no clue what I was getting ready to endure. Fast forward to today. After 7 different therapies since 2009, I am finally on a treatment that seems to be working. And my life is something worth living.


Type of MS Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS)
First experienced symptoms2006
First Diagnosed 2009
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Walking (Gait), Balance, & Coordination Problems, Bladder Dysfunction, Vision Problems, Dizziness and Vertigo, Cognitive Dysfunction, Emotional Changes, Depression, Spasticity, Speech Disorders, Headache
Treatments Aubagio, Exercise, Vitamin D, Aubagio is my current treatment, but have tried 7 other treatments

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