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Diagnosed in 2008 after years of clearly having a problem, but that's hard to admit when you think you're bullet-proof. Then you have the issue with the doctors blowing it off because you appear "healthy" and the time it takes to eliminate everything else once they realize that you're not imagining it. Once I got through that, and the shock of thinking my life is over, I decided to tackle it head-on. I have a masters degree I and a research administration job. I am a former marathoner and current nutrition and all-around science geek, musician, and family man. I figured that my best bet would be to use what I know, learn as much as possible, and teach others, too. I am published regularly in various blogs, have been giving talks around the state about not giving up hope and advocating for research participation, and I've done some interviews, local and international (e.g. BBC) and done a lot with my local chapter of the MS Society. I can't do what I used to, but can't complain, either. Life is pretty good. I was the subject of a documentary about MS and research that was filmed in January of 2015. The producer just had a baby, so it hasn't been finished. I have seen the rough draft, though, so it is real :). In March, the MS Society called me to ask if I'd be the subject of a news piece for MS Week. I did that. The video is good but she says that I think a cure is "unlikely" at the end. I didn't say that but I guess it was less complicated than my answer. You can see it at my website under "media." I've been giving a number of talks and gave the commencement speech for the UW-Madison Master of Biotechnology group in May. I'm trying to keep busy and be a positive role model and work hard/take a scientific and "how I feel" approach to reducing symptoms. Much of what I have figured out is included in the free video series you get when you sign up for my email list. Jim

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