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M.S.started affecting my life in 2007 officially but i had symptoms yrs before i was diagnosed..i was told i had low iron each time i went for a check up complaining of spasms..i knew something else was wrong but no doctor had answers..a working mom of 4 and wife,i had alot to be thankful for..one day it all went downhill..while at work i noticed my eyesight was deteriorating in my left eye..As a security supervisor in a residential building this was not beneficial to me..i kept working,assuming things would be ok..no optometrist saw anything wrong so i had no answers..Finally,i was sent to a college of optometry where they took the time to thoroughly test me..after numerous test,it was confimed i may have optic nueritis..after an m.r.i it was official..my first holiday without my children on christmas eve 8 yrs ago..2 yrs later i became unemployed..now dependent on a once a month ssi check,i am very depressed..noone i know is in my situation..i feel useless..if i work my benefits will be take away from what i was told..if i do t i wont have enough funds..i went to cosmotology school to pursue my dreams..graduated with honors too..unfortunatley i cant start my own business because i have no means or resources..talent gone to waste..im only 36 and i feel if it werent for my children,there would be nothing to live for..anyone with m.s i would recommend for you to surround yourself with positivity and people who actually CARE about you..stay stress free and rest as much as your body tells you to..i never do which is why im always i sad or i pain but at least God blessed me with my children..


Living Well with MS Employment and education, Emotional support, Healthy living, Insurance and money matters, Healthcare, Relationships and intimacy
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Hobbies and other interestsCosmetology,poetry writing,reading,activities with my children when possible and helping others

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