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  • Age 43
  • Relationship Married

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I was first diagnosed on my daughters first birthday in 2009. I was in the shower one morning getting ready for work and went blind in my right eye;( How scary that was. I went to the eye doctor and she sent me to a specialist, she did all her tests came in the room sat down looked at my husband and me and said " you have a brain tumor or MS", got up and walked our of the room! Wow I thought am I going to die, brain tumor not good, but what is MS;( All I could do was cry, thank god my husband was with me. So then I got an MRI, and the same Dr. Called me on my daughters first birthday to let me know I have MS! Wow we sat down and cried for about an hour, my daughter wondering what was going on. I said no this is Mackenzie's first birthday, lets celebrate her;) Then the next month we were pregnant with our son, talk about down and then up again;) I am doing good, my team does all four MS events walk,bike,hike and mud run. We are Team Mona Lisa, I also do all four events because I can;) We would love to build our teams;)


Type of MS Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS)
First experienced symptoms1995
First Diagnosed 2009
Symptoms Numbness, Bladder Dysfunction, Bowel Dysfunction, Vision Problems, Dizziness and Vertigo, Pain, Emotional Changes, Moods
Treatments Ampyra, Chiropractic Therapy, Exercise, Rebif, Ativan


Living Well with MS Caregiver Support, Employment and education, Emotional support, Healthy living, Insurance and money matters, Healthcare, Parenting
Getting Involved Walk MS, Bike MS, MuckFest MS, Do It Yourself Fundraising, Advocacy, Volunteering
Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsLove biking,hiking, getting outdoors

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