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My Big Brother has been battling MGUS, CDIP and MS for over a decade... the perfect demyelinating storm. He is now PPMS and rapidly declining. It seems he has tried and failed everything or it worked for a while then stopped. From stem cell transplant, years of ivig, plasma exchange, chemo, heavy steroids, clinical trials and Ocrevus ... which made his worse. In the last 4 months, he went from walking to needing a wheelchair almost 24/7. He can’t feel his body from waist down, losing feeling in right arm, lost his hearing and eyesight is blurry. It had been BRUTAL. His currently dealing with extreme Spasticity ... worse at night. SUPER PAINFUL. We’re going to go down the organic high cannabis rich 28:1 CBD OIL path along with 1:1 CBD:THC. Starting this regime April 10, 2019. Praying he gets relief!


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