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I was diagnosed with MS mid-September of 2018 a week before my 18th birthday and during my exchange year in Munich, Germany. I was awakened my overall numbness in my legs and back and had no idea why it had occurred, but I thought it would only be temporary. It hurt to walk and do my normal activities. I finally went go a doctor and they referred me to a neurologist, who told me that my neurological activity was not functioning as it should be. After an MRI scan the doctors noticed big lesions in my brain and my mid-torso, which was a big explanation. A few other tests later, it was clear to the doctors that I had MS. I was then hospitalized for 5 days and received a Cortisone infusion which relieved the numbness. My father also has MS and struggles with it every day. My biggest challenges are dealing with the fatigue and feeling like I can't perform normally. As a child, I also had major MS attacks, such as the time when I was 13 when I fell down and had no memory of it happening, almost as if I had fainted. My Hopes are that I will have a chance in my adult life to live normally and wonderfully, and to find a medication that would make that possible. My best piece of advice to those newly diagnosed, as someone newly diagnosed myself, is to always keep a positive mindset. Don't let it become a major obstacle in your overall path to happiness and find joy in things you want to do. Positivity is your biggest best friend.


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