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My story began in 2009 when i woke up with an unusual numbing in the right calf which caused me to limp. It was so odd. I went to my primary care doctor and he took me to get x-rays which nothing was found. We were both befuddled and I was frustrated. Why did this happen This numbing and limping went on for a couple weeks and went away. Crisis averted. Then in 2010 I woke up and my right eye was blurry. I was like WTF what is this all about but I did not panic and thought it would go away later in the day. Then the second day passed and on the third day my wife 'strongly encouraged' me to go to our optometrist friend of ours at Lenscrafters and within a few minutes of the exam he said that it could possibly be MS and then set up an appointment to a retinal expert and they and then sent me to the ER at George Washington Hospital and was omitted and then given a spinal tap and I was officially diagnosed with MS. So I went from an eye exam at LensCrafters to laying in hospital stay after a spinal tap and told I have an incurable disease. My head was spinning. I was like how did I get here. What is this how is this going to affect me going forward. I have a supportive wife and a good family support system but will I become wheelchair bound? I live in an apartment building with stairs but no elevators? After having an MRI I spoke to a neurologist I decided to go the interferon route of Rebif and as much as I hate needles i took this as my mode of treatment until recently. What is the biggest challenge for people having MS is not to blame yourself and take your journey one day at at time. Your life is not over it is only a slight setback. My hope is to learn from others and to collaborate and share ideas.

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