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Be strong. Be positive. Be healthy. I think the day you were diagnosed with MS is one you'll never forget.... That day for me was March 28, 2006 and I was just about a month shy of my 30th birthday. Being shocked is an understatement but I knew something wasn't right when I started experiencing symptoms. The funny thing is, looking back I definitely had some symptoms the summer before my diagnosis which went away and I thought nothing of it. In February 2006, when my feet started tingling non-stop and I started to get a little worried but again, brushed it off. That tingling stayed in my feet but traveled up through both legs and into my stomach and back. My stomach was completely numb. Ah, yea at that point I thought maybe it was about time to see a doctor. 3 MRI's, an evoked potential test and an ultrasound of my neck later, I heard the words, "You have MS." I went to get a second opinion with a specialist in NYC and he agreed with my diagnosis and put me on a 5 day steroid treatment. At that point, all of my symptoms were gone and I felt great! I started on Rebif and continued on that for a little over 5 years... I had one relapse in March 2009 - optic neuritis in my left eye. Good times! After many rounds of IV steroids my eye is back to normal (unless it's hot out and then it gets a little blurry...). That relapse pretty much sent me in a downward spiral because I had been feeling really great since my initial diagnosis. I guess I was in a bit of denial. But I try to make the best out of every situation and because of that relapse, I found an amazing support group of women who basically saved me. I was living in Boston at the time and it makes such a difference to talk with someone who actually UNDERSTANDS what you're going through... After my relapse, I started volunteering at Accelerated Cure Project for MS who's mission is to accelerate the efforts to find a cure for MS. What’s better than that? I also started participating in the MS Challenge Walk on Cape Cod every year. I choose to walk for those who can't and I hope to make a difference... I made the switch over to Gilenya in Aug 2011 after a few years of having new lesions on my brain. Rebif just wasn't working anymore even though I was feeling okay. Gilenya has been amazing!!!!!!!!! 2 years and no new activity. I feel very blessed. Let's hope it stays that way...


Type of MS Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS)
First experienced symptoms2006
First Diagnosed 2006
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Vision Problems, Itching
Treatments Gilenya


Living Well with MS Emotional support, Healthy living, Relationships and intimacy
Getting Involved Walk MS, Challenge Walk, MuckFest MS, Volunteering
Hobbies and other interestspilates, yoga, guitar, volunteering, movies, music, beach, live shows, sports

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