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Where to begin ? Married to my smoking hot wife 27 years and recently found out what was wrong with me on Nov 19th 2010. I've always been active and pretty fit (raised 3 very active children). I thought that I was just getting old and lazy because I had trouble walking for miles and was always tired... Anyway right after being diagnosed, something strange happened to me .. instead of feeling sorry for me ... my loving wife simply told me that she was going to start learning how to run a 5k race .. (what !?) my wife has never run before.. what was that about ? As I found out later.. what she was saying to me was.. "get your butt off the couch and stop feeling sorry for yourself".. So I eventually got up and started training with her.. I can't run or walk very far, but I could still ride a bike . Today she trains to run ½ marathons (13.1 miles), and I am there right with her on my bike as she trains... The weird part about all this is.. I just had my 1st annual MRI. After taking those terrible shots for a year, changing my diet and doing some exercise when I am able, my neurologist announced that my legions shrunk from last year ! What great news to my ears !!!! I know that currently there is not a cure for multiple sclerosis, but it was encouraging news and I credit my beautiful wife for her support !!! Today I help train runners from our local Fleet Feet running organization. In fact, I have been asked to carry the official AED as I ride my bike. I am officially and proudly known as “Mike on A Bike” ! Keep moving ya'll !!


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