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Well my story Is a little crazy, in January I started having what was told to me as TIA's which are mini strokes. They began to increase in frequency from 1 a day to almost 4 a day. I experienced weakness on my left side, slurred speech, I couldn't really focus it felt like my head was crammed with a lot of stuff and I couldn't really think about 1 one thing. That continued all the way up to February 2015. The end of February I was with family and friends hanging out and I had a massive headache that made me crawl in a corner to lay down and I was in pain for the majority of that day. later on that evening the headache seemed to ease up so I left with my sister in law to go get something to eat. We can back home and sat down to eat, as I was finishing I tried to get up to throw my trash away and I fell to the floor I couldn't move my left arm or left leg. FAST FORWARD....I get to the hospital and had a MRI done and I was told I had a stroke... I spent a week in the hospital having multiple test done...I was told I had blockage in my carotid artery and was put on blood thinners. When I was released from the hospital I was able to move my arm and leg a little bit but not 100%. physical therapy and neurology appointment back to back by this time it was August 2015 and I felt a lot better so I decided maybe I should try and go back to work although I suffered spasticity really bad and the fatigue was horrible. So I went back to work in September and I did ok for a while until April 2016. At work and getting ready for lunch I left the job to go right around the corner and I noticed I was getting a dull headache, I wasn't worried at that time because I had some Tylenol so I took it. By the time my food came the headache was getting worse by the minute. I decided to go back to work and eat my food there. By the time I got back to work I had just enough energy to get to the backroom and I just laid on the floor because my head was hurting so bad, my coworker asked if I had a migraine and I wasn't sure as I had never had one. Next thing I know I’m throwing up so bad I had barely enough time to breathe in between so the paramedics were called...I get to the hospital and still throwing up constantly ...another MRI was done and I was told I had an embolism (another stroke) and I was transferred out yet again to another hospital. I ended up having to let that job go as I was unable to return. Due to me feeling that the job was too stressful and that was probably why I kept having my episodes... FAST FORWARD AGAIN I again decided I needed to work so I looked for a job that would be less stressful and something where I didn't have to move around a lot so I started working in a call center (Customer Service) in June 2016. I loved my job and once again I did ok until once again I started having headaches with throwing up and found myself back in the hospital in July of 2016 yet another stroke they said. but this wasn't like the previous ones because I was able to move normal I was released after a couple days and went back to work 2 weeks later I’m back in the hospital experiencing weakness and severe fatigue and I was kept for a few days to monitor my blood pressure because it was extremely high and then I was released again. a week later same thing just felt extra tired and just wanted to lay down and not move...back in the hospital at the end of July I was admitted yet again this time on seizure alert by this time the doctors were looking baffled and I was referred to Duke Hospital in NC in October 2016 because they were unsure as to why I kept having these episodes. By this time, I’m dealing with severe spasticity, still weak on my left side, my balance was way off as I was running into everything, fatigue, I was having a really bad burning pain in my right that caused my vision to blur. I was still having headaches and I was just miserable. Duke ordered test after test checking my blood and vitamin D level and ordering all my previous scans from all the hospitals I had been to. Just my luck those scans were no good so a MRI with and without contrast, a CT SCAN with and without contrast and a Spinal tap was done in November 2016 and that's when it was confirmed that I have primary progressive MS. And was also told that that I was not having strokes but I was having relapses. I am scheduled 12/02/2016 to start my first dose of tysabri. Having MS has really changed the person I am, I use to be so independent and always was on the go. Now I spend a lot of time sleeping and don’t really the energy to do the things I would normally do. I need help doing the basic things like cooking and doing laundry. I’m in pain it seems like all the time in my legs which makes it hard to move around. I just want to be how I use to be; all this is very difficult for me because honestly I still don’t understand fully this disease.

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