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I was diagnosed with MS when I was 27. Have been sick on and off. Healthy diet and eliminating inflammatory foods like dairy and gluten. I've just began weight training with my brother. I am also taking homeopathy, diagnosed by a master homeopath. My biggest issue was depression, tho since my homeopathic remedy (June '15) I have had none. I was an accountant and disliked it. The daily stresses and full time hours were making me sick. I lost the cognitive power for long hours of focused accurate work at accounting. So... I went back to school for massage therapy. I loved my new career. But it only lasted a couple years. I am now a retired therapist. While I miss the work, it needed to happen. I gradually lost the physical energy to maintain life as a MT. I was blessed with timely approval of disability pay. I am still adjusting to not working. I have a lot of time to myself now. I get a bit lonely at times and I really like that this site is promoting connections.


Living Well with MS Emotional support, Healthy living, Relationships and intimacy
Hobbies and other interestscrafts, reading, hiking, biking, eating well, deep connections, laughing, dancing, meditation, yoga, massage.

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