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  • Gender Female
  • Age 57
  • Relationship Married

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I am a fifty year old female. I am a wife and mother of four. I worked full time as a supervisor in a retail store and thought nothing of coming home from work and heading out to cycle 25- 40 miles. Cysling was my passion and 2000+ miles a year was always my goal. I was also was working on my Masters online from John Hopkins University,I was fit and healthy. Around four or five years ago I development unusual systoms, weakness, heat intollerance and an unnerving loss of balance. I ignored these symtoms and kept going untill while walking with my husband by legs gave out. A trip to a nurologist and a CT scan seemed to answer my concerns, disks in my lowerer back were chrushing tendons and I would need surgergy. After surgery my symtoms continued to worsen. I could only walk a few steps without dragging my feet that were numb most of the time, and my balance continued to deterioate and exposure to heat would leave unable to move. My cycling days were through. I assumed that somehow my surgery had gone wrong and scheduled another apt. with the nurosurgeon that had done my surgery. After a CT and MRI he informed me that the surgery was fine and then pointed out areas in my spine and brain that had MS scarring. This first diagnosis was laspsing-remmitting, however this diagnosis was soon changed to primary-progressive as my systoms rapidly increased. My cognitive abilty and concentration became so impaired that I withdrew from my Master program this was followed by the realization that because of my increasing physcial disabilities working in a retail enviorment was dangerous and I left my job. Staying at home has allowed the opportunity to rest and regroup and formulate a plan to slow the progress.


Type of MS Primary-Progressive MS (PPMS)
First experienced symptoms2010
First Diagnosed 2013


Hobbies and other interestsMy hobby will always be cycling

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