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THE START I was the first student in Allen Park History to be diagnosed with MS when I was in my Junior Year. It started with my left hand going, almost numb. I've come to describe it as if I was wearing a latex glove with the muted feeling, with the tingling as if it was getting just enough blood. Took three weeks of the persistent symptom, and telling me mom before she took me to a doctor. We thought it was a pinched nerve. Quick trip to the pediatrician, and an immediate trip and call to the neurologist changed the diagnosis. My teachers at the time were all impressed. I was a straight A student, and with the new diagnosis, and the constant appointments, I was constantly missing class. Rather than failing though, the A student, just dropped down to a B in a few cases, otherwise the As remain. Over the last few years, i have managed to keep things in relative check, but I find myself in days, and sometimes weeks where, it gets hard to keep things in perspective. THE FUTURE From my diagnosis, I have found my career path, in Art Therapy. During my own diagnosis, I found Art was my way of coping and continues to be, and I hope to use Art and Therapy to do the same for others, whether it is MS, or other chronic conditions, or even if it is just to feel better about oneself. MY GUIDANCE Being a youth when I was diagnosed, my words for someone new to MS, is to keep looking forward. I know it is hard, but it is possible. "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain"


Living Well with MS Employment and education, Emotional support, Insurance and money matters, Mobility and accessibility, Relationships and intimacy
Getting Involved Walk MS, Advocacy, Volunteering
Hobbies and other interestsReading, Art focused in drawing and pottery, Video Games, Swimming

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