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I don't know when the symptoms first started. I remember having a strange but mild "tipping over" sensation. Then early 2017 the symptoms got so bad that I HAD to go to our family dr. He watched me walk, diagnosed me with ataxia & sent me to the neurologist. After several mri's & a physical exam. I was diagnosed. Strange thing was, it was a relief. At least it wasn't what my husband & I thought it MIGHT be. The worst symptoms were the rapid back &forth eye movements. The outright sensation of being shoved to the ground or floor. Not merely falling, but a violent pushing or shoving with no prior knowing and no say in which way to fall. Oh! And the imbalance & gait problems. Since being on my medication, (a year now.) I'm doing pretty well. I really can't work anymore and now the worst of things is the isolation. There are things I can do and I do them, but on a limited basis. Over these last few years, I have lost both my parents, pastor of 18 years, and neighbors. We live in a very rural area & even went to the closest m.s. walk which was an hour and a half away. It has since been cancelled. Lack of interest maybe? I don't know why. Anyway,I thought maybe joining this group would give me something to do, and it's nice to meet the rest of you. 😊


Living Well with MS Caregiver Support, Emotional support
Getting Involved Walk MS, Volunteering
Hobbies and other interestsdecorating our home and folkart. (Hope to learn to do folkart painting!) Civil War,especially the Gettysburg campaign. Spending time at Lake Michigan and the Straights of Mackinac.

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