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  • Gender Female
  • Age 58
  • Relationship Married

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I am 54 years old. I have two grown children that I am extremely proud of from my first marriage. My second marriage was troubled with alcohlism, drinking was great fun in the beginning, but neither of us could stop. I did stop, I have 7 years in recovery, unfortunately he had to drink himself to death. In recovery I found a niche in care-giving for senoirs in their homes and I also worked at selling my art and jewelry at local craft and farmers markets. My passion is nature and pastel paintings are the way that I try to capture the feeling that I get when I witness it. The jewelry and crochet just sort of grew out it. I met my third husband in 2013 and we married on June 12, 2014. What should have been exciting year of new beginnings became a year of challenges. His old shoulder injury was acting up, what we thought would be one surgery and a better than before prognosis became four surgeries,infections, iv antibiotic treatments and numerous 5 hour drives to San Francisco and back. His elderly mother's health began failing and she passed away in July. The demands for her care and the family pressures took its toll on me. I've had some MS symptoms for several years, most notably my lack of feeling in my right leg, but it was always passed over. Last year I had a couple of days that I didn't feel right and just stayed home. On the third day I decided to shake it off and go to my Physical Therapy appointment for my neck. I was seeing double on the way there. We called my neurologist, while waiting I decided I was OK to drive home. Long story short I ended up going to the hospital in an ambulance. My Neurologist is persistent, and finally I was diagnosed in April 2015. Right after my husbands second shoulder surgery. Fatigue has been the greatest obstacle for me. I have had to cut back on my farmers markets to conserve energy, but then that creates financial stress. In the short time since my diagnosis circumstances have caused enough stress to worsen symptoms of fatigue, numbness,vision problems, and. I began to experience more spasms. I prayed to make it through my husband' s 4th surgery . I barely made it back when my flare up hit. Most of my body was numb and felt like it was wrapped in lead weights. My skull was squeezed by spasms that put pressure on my eye sockets. Cognizantly I felt like I was behind inches of sound proof glass and didn't feel connected to the world.

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