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I am a Christian, it's because of The Lord Jesus Christ that I have hope through all the adversity, twists and turns that MS brings. I'm a wife to my wonderful husband Mark. We've been married almost 30 years. We've grown up together. We have three beautiful children our son who is the oldest Micah he's married to Amy, our daughter Lea who is married to Elliot, and our youngest Hannah who is in college. She has a long time boyfriend Garret. I feel it's important to get out there and be involved in the MS community, advocating, participating in the walk, I have yet to participate as a volunteer in the local bike event. I love my positive support group. We are allowed to address our issues but work out positive solutions to our problems. We laugh and talk about everything together. Also exercise on whatever level your capable. It does so much for your self esteem. It also makes your body stronger to handle whatever is thrown at you. Make friends and force yourself to get out and spend time with them. Don't forget to try new things.



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