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I was first diagnosed with relapsing MS by MRI and bloodwork at the age of 57! I never saw it coming. I had suffered with horrific hemiplegic migraine since the age of 35 and had been MRIed and MRAed to death for those and no MS lesions were present. My MS finally cost me my career as a successful and high-profile labor and employment litigator, because of the fatigue, numbness, tremors, weakness and loss of cognition. I found, however, that aqua therapy and occupational therapy were great helps. My neurologist advised me to stop riding my horse, and I told him that he may as well just put me in a grave. I continued to ride and still do to this day. My horse is the only thing that has kept me walking and kept my abductors and adductors from completely atrophying! Jumping? Showing? Not any more, but maybe some day again.....I have not and will not allow MS to control my life. No matter what it throws at me, I will overcome it and continue to live my life on my terms. Now that I cannot practice law any longer, I can turn my attention to my passion: animal welfare and rescue! I have enrolled in an on-line veterinary technology program and just completed my first semester with straight A's! Not bad for having black holes where things I have known for years and thoughts I am having and wish to express seem to go and never return; numbness and tremors in my hands and legs and face; poor vision which is getting poorer; terrible fatigue; nerve pain; etc. etc. etc. Obviously I am not looking for a new career, just something to keep my brain functioning and allowing me to learn new things of interest to me.And maybe, when I am having good days, I can volunteer for short periods to help out veterinarians who give of their time to help shelter animals. I have also become an activist for patients with diseases such as MS who are dependent on specialty medications which are extraordinarily expensive and thus unaffordable to patients with government-assisted prescription insurance, especially Medicare Part D, which, if it even covers these drugs, leaves the patient with astronomical co-insurance or co-pays which most patients can't afford. This situation needs to change, and it can, with your support. Just copy the link below into your browser and sign the petition on Change.org. Tell Congress that it needs to act to help an entire segment of Americans to get access to their expensive, lifesaving medications. https://www.change.org/p/united-states-congress-help-people-with-orphan-diseases-get-their-life-saving-medications?recruiter=65442018&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink


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