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Got diagnosed with MS in my fifties.in 2000. TN dominate symptom. Probably had it for years and didn't know. Was first told by first two Nueros that it was "benign". No DMD's ordered or taken first two years. They had a "wait and see attitude. That delay cost me more lesions and relapses of TN. In 2012 I went to a third Nuero who put me on Rebif immediately . Rebif kept me going until 2016. It slowed the progression of the disease which enabled me to keep working until I was able to retire with full benefits in 2007. In 2007, I retired to Florida where my present Nuero switched me from Rebif to Gilenya in 2016. Unfortunately, in June 2017, I seemed to have developed ITP which they think may be linked to taking Gilenya. I'm off Gilenya for now - maybe forever. I did well on Gilenya. No new lesions but the serious side effect of ITP may be the cost of it. I'm currently in the process, with my Nuero, on getting on another DMD now.

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