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MS has affected my family and my life for as long as I can remember as my Aunt was diagnosed when I was a young girl. At that time, I researched MS and did a paper at school to promote awareness. My sister and I helped clean my aunts home and also accompanied her to water aerobics when possible. She was a fighter and admired by all. Since this time, two of my sisters were diagnosed with MS. My youngest sister was diagnosed at the age of 21 and my oldest sister was diagnosed about 8 years ago. We never imagined MS would affect our family in such a way. My oldest sister lives in Orlando near me now and I assist in her caregiving and hope that I add to her life just by being here for her. I thank God everyday for the strides made in the medical field in fighting MS. My dream is to see my oldest sister free of the pain and hardship and to never have to hear my nieces and nephews, their children or anyone else be diagnosed with MS.


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