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I was diagonist in 2008. It started out with my right ear in 2006. I was fine for about 6 months then I got pregnant in 2007 so I ignored my symptoms. Then I had my baby and then started to go down. Went to the doctors to tell him how I felt and he ordered a MRI. A week later he called me and said he conferred with a neurologist who said he was pretty sure I had MS. I seen 2 dr about it and I hated them. So a friend of mine who has MS said her Dr was really great and only dealt with MS. I seen him and loved him. I have been seeing him for a year. I was on Copaxan till I heard about the new oral drug Gylena. I thought I would like that since the shots would be gone. I have been on that since it started. Don't really know if it works but the dr said it is. I do what he says. Lol


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