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MS has been in my life since I can remember. My Mom was diagnosed with MS in the 1980's at 41 yrs. young --- she passed away June 2, 2016 (1x day after her birthday). As I reflect for me personally, I recall as a pre-teen there were variations of "freak" incidents that occurred from losing my vision in one eye and using her Neurologist prescribed steroid to regain my vision to getting older and experiencing a myriad of symptoms that were all questionable by doctors in some instances. Fast forward, Oct. 2017 I experienced, what appeared to be yet my 3rd encounter with Viral Meningitis. Only this time, this episode led towards a path of exploration of something deeper. Blood testing, MRI testing, and plenty of questioning. Then the report came back and here was I sitting in the doctor's office in complete dismayed paralysis (as I continue to work through the shock and utter disappointment today). I am new to MS and treatment (a few weeks) and I am fighting to find hope, courage, and happiness once more. One fact is for certain -- my Mom was a fighter and I too have a strong innate ability to demonstrate my strength. I'm sure I will soon, but for now, I need a minute to process my new lifestyle.

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