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I love people!!! I have never met a stranger! : ) I will talk to people standing in line at the grocery store..or make their crying baby laugh! Live like today is you last day...laugh until your tummy muscles hurt....and LOVE with everything you got!!! : ) I will not blow smoke up yur butt...I will say whats on my mind! : ) ( not sure if thats a good or bad thing lol ) I work with "Special Needs" children part time at our local schools subbing...I LOVE hangin out with kids! Children our the future and they are important people too!!! : ) My hobbies are: Music, playing my guitar, art, sketching, scrap-booking and cooking! I will watch a movie if it catches my interest only! I am in the middle of writing the "Story of my life" and I pray that it will enlighten someone who is facing simular situations to the ones that God miraculously brought me through!!! I have faith in God! I don't believe in religion so to speak! Thanks for being a part of my MS journey! If you ever need to talk...I am always here to listen! May God Bless you ALL!!! (((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))) Trish Sue


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