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I was diagnosed with MS in my late 40s. At first the pills seemed to take care of it, but because my diabetes and my MS seem to be closely related, I did have to change my diet to avoid triggers for my diabetes that would cause flareups of my MS. I am now retired on disability at 56, with no possibility of going back to work. It sucks getting only 60% of my work paycheck but I am getting by, especially with my husband support. I filed for Medicaid, but get just that “little too much” to qualify (by about $150). I could use help with the medical bills, but have not found any. I have slowly gotten worse, from needing to use a cane to walk around, then having to use a walker, then a stronger walker, and now a scooter to get in and out of the doctors office. I still have to use a walker to get around the house. It is a pain to have to walk around a lot, but it is necessary to keep up my energy and my flexibility. So, following my husbands urging, I get up at least once an hour to walk around the house a bit. I try to work on my crochet, but have issues with that, I crochet with my right hand, but the MS affects my right side the most. So I can only crochet for an hour, sometimes two. I also cannot write legibly with my right hand, so I have trouble taking notes from phone calls.

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