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Born and initially raised by the Atlantic Ocean which I thought was my personal pool. Have been falling all of my life to the extent that I was nicknamed "calamity jane" and my father would comment that, "Vivian could fall over a match stick". At age 7, I suffered a kidney infection that put me in the hospital for several weeks. No one ever asked why and how a seven year old gets a kidney infection. Have been nearsighted since aged 8 and has become progressively worse over the years to the extent that I am so nearsighted I am NOT farsighted. Wildest symptoms appeared in college, like waking up without the ability to use my arm or hand, a bald spot on my scalp, rashes with swelling, depression. Have suffered and been treated for Major Depressive Disorder for over thirty years. Finally, the advances in technology caught up to my symptoms. I fell on my limestone driveway in 2010, was unconscious until my Sadie (RIP) licked me until I revived. Crawled to the front door, squad came and was treated at ER for a concussion, large contusion on the right side of my head. A "CT" was performed to make sure I had no brain bleed. Never have had a CT or MRI. The Results: No brain bleed but in the demyelinating process, lesions found, white matter. However, was NOT until 2012, did I finally get the diagnosis of MS from a Neurologist. Relieved is not as accurate a word to describe how I feel in that I am elated to know what I have is at least, on the radar and a lifetime of treating symptoms rather than connecting all of the dots is over!


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