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  • Age 49
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It was 2003 when I started having those tingly feelings in my feet and legs, I blew it off to just sitting or standing to much or in the wrong position. Even when I would get minor pains in my legs I figured I just needed to stretch more. If you go with everything I've been told by the nurses at my clinic then the hot flashes I started having around 1998 comes from my MS. It was the begining of 2008 when I started seeing a chiropractor for my legs because my issues were chaulked up to my having a Sciatic nerve, which the chiropractor helped a lot. In 2010 I started walking wierd and I had some weakness in my legs but since I didn't have insurance I just kept going to my chiropractor and took a few days off work and I got better, not fixed just better. When I look back on it now I don't think I ever started walking right after that. Starting around November of 2012 having episodes of weekness in my legs, only when I was out side and it was really cold out. I thought it was my knee giving out because of my arthritis from sports injuries as a kid. It was Feburary 2013 when my legs totally gave out and I couldn't walk, my legs had gone numb. This lasted for 2 days, my legs were still tingly and I couldn't walk without assitance but I could move them to a degree. I was finally diagnosed with MS in July of 2013, I had difficulty getting the MRI due to an ear surgery that I had had gotten back in 2005. When my doctor gave us the results of my MRI we were not prepared for what she said. She showed us the scans and explained them to us. She told us that if she had not seen me and only had my scan to go by she would have thought I was already in a wheelchair with all the lesions I have in my brain and on my spine. I've had about 5 MRI's since then and she believes that my progression is slowing with the medication I'm on. I feel like a walking pharmacy, I didn't used to take any pills but vitamin C and a multivitamin. I've had to change my life style and it hasn't been easy but I'm off the cane. I've changed jobs so that I primarily sit and work on the computer, I move around a little but not a lot. I have always worked in high paced, high stressed environments so this has been a big changed for me. I find myself searching for things to do because I get all of my duties completed so quickly. But I do love my new job and working for the FAA has opened a lot of opportunities for me. Home I think has been the biggest adjustment and we are still working on it. The kids are grown and now have given me grandchildren so it is just my husband and I. I am used to always doing for myself and others, my husband wants to do everything for me now. I'm not allowed to clean, do laundry, or cook during the week because I have worked all day so I need to sit and relax. We don't clash on that I've learned to accept it but we do clash on other things, it's a work in progress because I don't want to give up my independance but I know he just wants to help me. I am told by my family and my doctor that my stuborness and sheer will power will not last forever that I have to slow down and accept help. I have slowed down some and I do accept help to an extent, but I feel if I slow all the way down and stop doing for myself than it will be like giving up. I refuse to give up! I want to see my grandchildren grown with kids of their own and to live a very long happy life.


Type of MS Primary-Progressive MS (PPMS)
First experienced symptoms2003
First Diagnosed 2012
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Walking (Gait), Balance, & Coordination Problems, Spasticity
Treatments Chiropractic Therapy, Physical Therapy, Vitamin D, 4 different medications


Living Well with MS Healthy living, Insurance and money matters, Healthcare, Relationships and intimacy
Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsI love to spend time with family, read, crochet, and watch movies.

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