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Hi there. My name is Ashley. I started noticing symptoms of MS on November 20,2018. It felt like my thumb and pinky were constantly sleep. The disease has been quite aggressive so far. Two days later, I woke up with a numb face and checked myself into the hospital. Doctors found no stroke or cancer so they referred me to a neurologist. Before I was able to see the neurologist, my symptoms got way worse. The feeling moved from my hand to the whole left side of my body. When I finally saw the neurologist on December 5, 2018, he confirmed I had MS. My biggest challenges with MS is that I've become mostly disabled on my left side of my body, I have trouble walking, and my left side stays cold throughout the day/ night. I'm learning to cope with my illness, but I'm remaining hopeful that this will get better for myself and other patients suffering from MS.


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