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I just recently got diagnosed with RRMS, I've had symptoms for years but never thought it would be MS. In 2013 I had a episode where my whole right side went numb, I got ambulanced to a hospital and everything just to be told i had a headache that gave me stroke symptoms... 2014, in er for both legs being numb for days, sent home and told I have neuritis... 2019, I started having a bad headache back in may 2019, went for 2wks so finally made a appt with my dr, they sent mr for a MRI not thinking about lesions, they were looking for more of bleeds and such, welp I have multiple lesions on my brain this was June 2019 the mri was done, july 9th 2019, two days after my bday, I go to my first neurologist, this guy was a quack, told me I had migraines and sent me on my way, so I made a follow up with my primary, who was astounded the neuro didnt do any tests or anything, so he sent me for the spinal tap, spinal tap comes back and sure enough they have enough test results to positively say I have MS. Just had my first neuro appt with a new dr this past wk and they are wonderful! Repeating MRI and adding spine into it they took all kinds of blood and at my next appt the beginning of sept we will be discussing my treatment and what options I have and what they believe will be the best for me.. I live with a headache every single day and sometimes its debilitating, I started a new job 3wks ago and I've missed more days than I've worked due to not feeling good and such and dr appts. This is my life now and I'm going to live it how I can. I have two children a son who is almost 2 and my daughter who is 6... I wanna be able to fully function to be able to take care of them as long as i possibly can!

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