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I was a newly wed and 4 months into an exciting moment in my life when my MS diagnosis hit. I had previously experienced some numbness in my right hand, and overwhelming fatigue. It was brushed off as carpal tunnel by my doctors ( I even had surgery to treat it). I was told that my fatigue was likely due to being overworked with a demanding job. I was told to rest and make sure that I wasn't packing to much into my schedule. About a year later at a work event I experienced light headedness and the right side of my face and tongue went numb. After a battery of tests and CT scans and MRI's it was definitive that MS was the culprit. Since my diagnosis I have experienced what seems like every emotion in the book. Crushing fear, anxiety, angry, sadness etc etc etc. I had an over reliance on google to fill me in on the trajectory of MS in my first few weeks. To be honest I thought the worst. Then I started to discover people who were living full and productive lives at every stage of this illness. It has changed my perspective and I am so grateful to those who have shared their story with me. I am new to all of this, but I have since come to adopt a new perspective. I will write my own story and have decided that this is a detour and certainly not a full stop. I work as a full time Human Experience Designer, and have a background in theater and playwriting. I am also hoping to start a family soon. I have grown to appreciate each moment, and lead with positivity.


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