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I am a stay at home mother of 4. A boy 11, a girl 8, a boy 6, and a girl 4. My husband and I have been together for 5 years, married 4/13. When we met I was still somewhat able bodied. But on a slowly going downhill. I 1st started having symptoms in 2008 and was told by numerous doctors it was nothing I just needed to lose weight. After a few years of trying to lose weight and tons of ups and downs of just complete pain all over I decided to go back to the doctors and try and figure out where all the pain was coming from. In 2012 my PCP sent me to a Pain Management Clinic, where I went through several epideral nerve blockers, that they had to put me under anesthesia for to administer the treatment, with no improvement. My PCP then decided to send me to a neurologist where it was found to be MS. That was just in April 2014. I wasn't diagnoses til May. So this is still new and in no way was my husband or I prepared for this.

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