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My MS story began in college. I started noticing fatigue - both mental and physical. Whenever I walked to class (or any place where the distance was a quarter mile or more), I would get tingly sensations in my legs that felt weird but harmless - not unlike the sensation fizzy beverages have when they hit your tongue. I must add, I was following the typical diet of a careless engineering student: cheap beer, fast food, ramen, all manner of large burrito, you get the idea. This only further exacerbated problems mostly related to evacuatory functions. After grad school, I moved out west to the San Francisco Bay Area and I worked in the tech sector. It was here that I started to notice, especially when I was in the sun for any extended period of time, that my tolerance for alcohol was reduced to almost nothing. Because of this, and also because I was in poor health, I made significant lifestyle changes: I ate healthier and started swimming, lifting weights, and finally doing yoga. God I love yoga. It's this magic exercise that contains none of the monotony of other workouts (IMO). I found friends in the yoga community and travelled with them up and down the bay area doing yoga. I was working at a renewable energy firm and I actually taught yoga to my fellow employees during lunch. In 2012, walking started to become more and more difficult and at the end of July I was formally diagnosed. Work became harder and harder and I was eventually let go. I tried to reinvent myself, rooming with close friends in San Francisco, but walking difficulties precluded most activities in that hilly city. Depression set in, and eventually I stopped trying to be active - leading to muscle atrophy. Without the support of my friends (and the words of Herman Melville) I don't know if I'd still be around. Eventually, financial circumstances forced me to move back home to Michigan last year. But things have gotten a lot better. I'm trying to eat a nutritious (and rigorous) paleo diet, I'm on tysabri, I'm building up leg strength (with yoga - obviously, amongst other things) and I'm reengaging with electrical engineering and renewable energy. I'm hoping to work full time again in the near future. My dreams are simple: I want to be an engineer (researching renewable energy), eat a healthy paleo diet (not unlike Terry Wahls' plan), float up to handstand in yoga, and read as much as I can. I eventually would like to meet someone who loves yoga, books & classical music. One last thing: My site name - Agathon, is after a greek poet who spoke at Plato's first symposium. I don't know much about him except his name is in Leonard Bernstein's violin concerto: "Serenade." Bernstein uses his name to symbolize all forms of love, be it romantic or platonic and it's awesome power to connect. Check out the piece, especially the movement named Agathon. When I listen to it, no matter my mood, I realize that world cannot be that terrible if something so wonderful exists.


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