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Taken off of my Facebook Note:) On Monday June 6th I went to the doctor expecting to have a pinched nerve in my right hand, as the appointment went on longer and longer my nerves were increasing. They had ordered me an MRI for Tuesday June 7th at the hospital, during the MRI that usually takes anywhere from 10-40 minutes mine lasted almost 2 1/2 hours. Laying in the machine for that long was maddening. The results came Wednesday June 8th morning by a phone call from my doctor saying I was needed and to bring someone*TERRIFYING NEWS was the first that came to my mind.* I was told my MRI showed white legions, also known as Multiple sclerosis (MS). On June 9th I went to Indy with my mom, dad and Waylon to a neurologists and found the same results the MRI team found. After some basic feeling tests, my first spinal tap and lab work I would officially have the results in 1-2 weeks. After those tests, I was taken into the ER for my first steroid IV injection. Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement throughout this week, much more is needed as the results are unfolded. I am very grateful for the people in my life, and ready to get this thing under control. I will still have a very normal life, with the help of medications and treatments. It's a lot easier to say it on FB then it is to type. I <3 you all and thank you . As I prepare for my upcoming wedding to my best friend I am in pain. The news that wrenched my family, Waylon and friends last week is still very much a part of our lives now. From the last minute wedding plans, making final payments to vendors and getting my one and only white gown altered. I am in tears , what girl thinks months before her big day she will be told life changing news that would limit her availability to work on wedding items. So for those of you who thought was crazy for doing so much early I am thankful I did! Thanks for the supporting messages, cards and phone calls. Be prepared on some days I will not be chipper due to pain and medicines. Love you Today was the day I was told I would find out whether my life would be altered forever; however, I did not. This morning I woke up with a great feeling, felt God's presence all around me and knew I was being prayed for by many amazing people. My mom thought it would be a good idea to go early to get our shopping done in case I wasn't up for it after the appointment. We headed up to Indy around eleven with the appointment being at two, we ended up doing some much needed shopping for clothes and wedding items I still needed. Two o'clock rolls around and I begin to get nervous, upset stomach the whole nine yards, but than I get a couple messages that put me at ease. Dear Lord, be with the beautiful friend on this rough day, hold her and let her know it will be. (THANK YOU SO MUCH). Next message, don't worry babe we will get through this with whatever the doctor has to tell you today......I love that man more than words can describe (Waylon wasn't able to go today). I hear my name being called, it is officially the TIME. I walk down the long hallway to the exact room I was in two weeks ago today. I get the vitals under control, and within ten minutes Dr. Phifer is in the room with me. She welcomes me with a warm smile and a friendly hello! ( I personally was about to say JUST TELL ME NOW). "Ayrika, we good news and bad news" Of course, I want good news first.... Good news is it is NOT cancer, it is NOT lime disease and it is a something that is going to kill you. Bad news is...... I am unable to diagnosis you right now as being a MS patient. MS is a very hard disease to diagnosis someone with, MS is still an unknown in the reason of why it happens. It can be with your immune system, genetics or vaccination. ( I have none of them to my knowledge). The reasons I was being told it could be MS was because of the tingling, numbness, muscle spasms, falling down and so on and because my MRI showed lesions on my brain and one on spine. Also, the spinal tap was taken two weeks ago, with the results (looking like someone who has MS but not definite). Okay so you may be asking yourself, then if they didn't say it was MS What Is It? The doctor informed me about a week ago of a disease known as Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, or short ADEM. ADEM is a ONE TIME occurrence that occurs due to a virus, bacteria, parasite or even spontaneously. Which made my mom wonder since I went on different mission trips and returned home once with a parasite if it could just now be causing it.....NO. So were back to the spontaneously version. The only problem with this is that is usually is between the ages of 5 to 8 year olds, not someone in their 20s. Now what, as I was sitting in the room I kept thinking, " okay she doesn't want to diagnosis me yet with MS but what are we going to do about this whole not feeling my right side. I am getting married, I need to be able to walk down the aisle normally, without pain and know I can make it through the whole day without needing assistance. Here is what we are going to do...... we are treating it as I would have MS. I will continue to take steroids for four weeks, and begin treatment which consists of a weekly injection, Avonex, along with my other medicine I was prescribed. The downside of Avonex, it is one of the bigger treatments since it is a weekly injection instead of multiple injections weekly or daily meaning I will be getting one big dose a week instead of many small ones. Side effects....Yes....flu like symptoms. During this time, I will keep a journal for each day, writing down symptoms, side effects, how my body is doing and be in regular contact with the doctor. In a month, I will go in for more test to see if my legions are the same or different. In three months, I will do the same. The doctor said if it is the ADEM the symptoms and issues should be GONE in this three month period, if the symptoms are still present we know it is MS; however, if I get any more symptoms then they will rule out ADEM right away and diagnosis me as being a patient with MS. So there is what I was told today, in three months I will know for sure what it is wrong with my body until then I give it to God and know I have love and support all around me. Thank you all so much for the prayers, the phone calls, texts and cards. It means a lot to me to know I have such a great support team behind me. Love you all and will be keeping you posted. It has been a month and seven days since I went into the doctor for my "pinched nerve" or so I thought. It has been one month and six days since my MRI that showed lesions on my brain and down my spine. Wow......who would have thought a twenty-two year old who has always had good health and exercised could get this news. It has been one month and four days since I went to see my neurologists in Carmel, IN where I was told I more than likely have a disease known as MS. My heart sank, my heart ached and I had a million thoughts running through my mind; but when the doctor asked if I had any questions not one would come out. So there I am sitting in the exam room, wanting to know how this came about, what does my future look like but I couldn't find the nerve to ask. Good thing my parents and Waylon was present so they could ask the questions and I could listen. I do not remember thought what went on or what was said, I was to busy trying to process this information. The thing I remember most about this doctor's appointment was my spinal tap....hopefully I get used to them over the years because it hurt something awful. On with my story. I have had my share of good days but also many bad days along the way...how am I to know whether this is MS or the one time deal ADEM because when I talk to other people and listen to their symptoms/their first weeks it's exactly the same for me which scares me to death. Who wants to be told when they just finished college with a degree in teaching that dream may not come true for couple years or ever depending on how I progress and my shots affect me? Not me, but yet I am the one doing through it. Maybe this is God telling me I wasn't meant to be a teacher, it just took me this long to figure it out, after all I did keep questioning it throughout my four years? But what is my plan....God please tell me somehow...being newly married, living on one income will not last forever...I need something? Then there's insurance....got the news this morning I was denied from Waylon's insurance company....awesome...... NOT. Least they changed the age of which children can be on parents to 25 but what after that? Which insurance company will take a person who receives 3 allergy injections a week, and a pre-existing condition? Sorry I am a little down in the dumps in this note, but I just have a lot of things going against me right now and it's beginning to get to me. Plus the way I feel is horrible, I can't sleep, I fall getting up and out of bed, my back started to spasm last night. On my way to Washington yesterday my right eye went foggy and I thought for sure that was it....I was loosing my vision in my right eye....I keep wanting to scream but good is that? This is my way of venting, so no one has to see my expressions or my tears when talking about my future life...... Thanks for the prayers/thoughts it still means a lot even if I sound down. I knew their would be down days and happy days and today is defiantly a debbie downer=)


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