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I was in my later 30's when I noticed a decline in my physical abilities, since I had a family and an awesome career, I decided to start going to the doctor. It wasn't until 39 when i took a friend to an MS specialist that I began thinking along those lines. I took my friend to the appointment and began reading information about the disease and that is when I realized I was having many of those same symptoms. Over the course of the next 6 months, my family physician sent me to different doctors who sent me for different tests confirming in December 2009 that I indeed have the disease. I researched MS and told my spouse at the time, of what may happen depending on the course of the disease. I got as much information as I could on the disease and knew I may have to give up my profession at some point. Little did I know that only 16 months later my world will be turned upside down because of a surgery. I was unable to work and it has been a long hard road from that point. I lost the job I have loved for so long due to that surgery and the inability for my body to heal, at least that is what I attribute the slow healing process to. After I lost my physical ability, and my job, my income quickly followed suit and then my spouse. I still am unable to return to work, could be the surgery, could be slow healing due to MS, I don't know. I know, through all my reading that a person with MS must keep active so I go to the gym when I can, stretch at home and try and keep a positive outlook but that is getting harder and harder to do since I live alone and all I can do is think. I have found that it does help to be able to talk with people. I do appreciate the few friends I am able to chat with on occasion and attempt to build new connections whenever possible. So, right now, I am 45 yrs. old, alone, and I have no idea what my life holds. I know these stories are supposed to be encouraging and uplifting, but the more I type the more hopeless and discouraged I feel. I will bid you adieu and will update this when I have more information.

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