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  • Gender Male
  • Age 25
  • Relationship Single

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the first time Ms started effecting my life was three years ago i was in the second grade of high school, it was in new year holiday that my right eye vision went black. first i went to see an ophthalmologist, after some examination, they said that nothing is wrong with my right eye, so they said i had to go to a neurologist, after having MRI the neurologist said that it might be MS, i was shocked at the beginning and i still am, but what can i do? i kept studying finished high school in 2013, and now i am doing doing some thing hard i'm studying for medical school entrance exam, i know that it is some thing hard to do for people with MS but this is the only thing that gives me reason to live at the end, i don;t wanna lie i don't have a happy life at all but i have accepted it because there is nothing to do about it (i think) i wish you all a happy life Alireaza


Type of MS Possible MS
First experienced symptoms2011
First Diagnosed 2012
Symptoms Numbness, Vision Problems, Pain, Emotional Changes, Depression, Tremor
Treatments Exercise, Vitamin D


Hobbies and other interestsswimming,soccer,movies,music

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