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Multiple sclerosis affects millions of people, including our co-workers, friends, families, loved ones, and myself. That's why I try to do as much as I can to fundraise, and spread awareness. I was diagnosed approximately 2.5 years ago but have lived with multiple symptoms long before my official diagnosis. Hearing the words ' you have MS' was the most difficult thing i have ever dealt with, i thought i was going to loose my life as well as those close to me, and that alone was unbearable. Thanks to organizations like the national MS society I was given one of the greatest gifts i could ever imagine - hope. There still may not be a cure, but it seems to be getting closer and closer mainly due to tremendous community support. The reason I try so hard to get the word out about this devastating disease is because no one should ever get such life-changing news, and one day (hopefully in the not too far future) i hope future generations instead say "what is multiple sclerosis?"

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