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I have a badboy attitude and a kind and caring heart. I love animals, especially dogs and have even defended large breed dogs to the Texas Legislature who wanted to ban them and make then illegal to own. I advocated for them and called witnesses to show that they are mostly just big babies. The bill failed with a vote of 256 to 3 I am also a christian and try to live a good christian life, but I fail everyday!! It is too good to be bad!!! LOL I am not a bible thumper and I believe that my religion is between myself and the person I love. I have a PhD in Criminal Psychology and a Master's in Abnormal psychology but I am a down to earth kind of guy who doesn't act like he is superior to other people. I am a retired police profiler. I would travel across the country to assist police departments in catching serial criminals. I am also family oriented. My parents are still married and still flirt with each other and pinch each other's butts in front of me which I still think is not cool!! hee hee


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