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I probably had MS long before being diagnosed, which occurred after having a seizure in a supermarket, which lead to an MRI, which lead to the doctor finding lesions on my brain. I have had pain, trembling, depression, fatigue...for a long time though. Also, my grandmother recently died. She had MS for most of her life. And my uncle has very progressive MS. I always felt sad for my grandma, and for my uncle. So when I learned of my diagnosis, knowing how this disease affected them, I was devastated. So far, my symptoms are manageable, but getting worse. Fatigue is at the top. I have been treated for depression for about 13 years, so that may have been my first symptom but never was checked. I know they say MS is not genetic, but I have at least 3 family members with MS, some with other autoimmune diseases.


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Hobbies and other interestsI love animals and support animal rights. I've been a vegetarian since age 17. I love music and was very involved in the music scene in NYC in the 90's. But mostly English bands. I traveled to England many times when I lived in NYC. Am a proud anglophile. I love films, particularly indie, horror, comedy, WWII history. I like history a lot, WWII history especially. I've seen 'Band Of Brothers' a hundred times. I love David Lynch, especially 'Twin Peaks', I love Wim Wenders, especially 'Wings of Desire' and 'Until the End of The World' and 'Paris, Texas', I love 'The Walking Dead', I love 'Six Feet Under' and 'Amelie' and 'Halloween' and small towns in central Washington like North Bend and Roslyn. I love red wine and hard cider and spaghetti and falafel and I'd like to some day live in a little Tumbleweed miniature house, or on a houseboat in Seattle. I love chihuahuas. I love JD Salinger. I love Autumn...

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