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Auto immune disease: because the only thing strong enough to kick my ass...is me. ______________________________________________________________________ I've always had minor/moderate health issues since I was born. A lot of immune system problems, allergies, infections, psychological hurtles, etc. It wasn't until I had just turned 26, almost fully lost the vision in my right eye, that my doctors had decided to dig a little deeper. That entire year was full of crazy happenings: MRSA, numbness, vertigo, optic neuritis, cellulitis, eczema, etc. I kept pleading with all my different doctors telling them there is something going on! Thankfully my infectious disease doctor called my PCP and asked her to refer me to a neurologist. One visit with a neurologist discussing my problems and performing in-room evaluations- he sent me for a spinal tap, MRI, and an array of blood work. BOOM goes the dynamite. Spinal tap positive for bands, MRI showing active lesions, old scarring, and some permanent damage to my optic nerve, blood work also confirmed the bands and lymphs. Less than a week later from my first visit, I got the phone call. Currently I have known lesions also in my cervical spine but thankfully last MRI said my thoracic was clean. _________________________________________________________________ Since that day (and many years prior) it's been a slow and steady decline. Mostly (the chronic and horrible) fatigue, balance, cognitive and coordination issues, a moderate flare up once a year or so, and a lot of immune related issues, i.e. infections, illnesses. Some days I am just happy to have a reason for my life long battle with strange and bizarre symptoms. ______________________________________________________________________ I married the most wonderful and understanding man in 2014, we have our first house, and life is pretty good. We have decided not to have children- for a gamut of reasons, mostly my health issues (I have many more, MS is just the cruelest one on the list). We both always wanted children so this new way of thinking has been an adjustment, to say the least. ______________________________________________________________________ I have been a licensed veterinary technician in NY since 2008. I was a veterinary assist for 4 years prior to that. Veterinary medicine and nursing is all I've ever known. The job is completely misunderstood, underpaid, overworked, and demanding. BUT...it is my passion. I have been fighting tooth and nail to keep going, I'm not ready to give this part of my life up yet. I have had to take some steps back from time to time, and most certainly cannot function at the level I could 10 years ago. It saddens me every time I have to think about leaving this career...which may be happening soon. Not doing this job, or having a different job is going to be hard to swallow. I want my real job...the get dirty, think fast, xray taking, blood collecting, anesthesia, chart writing, needles, lines, drugs, surgery prepping, life saving, pharmacy doing, people counseling, educating, time consuming, exhausting, stressful, tear provoking, gut wrenching, amazing... beautiful...job. And I'm going to keep it as long as I possibly can....


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