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My first experience with MS was November of 2015. I woke up one Saturday morning and could only feel the toilet seat on one side by that Sunday I could barely and walk and by Sunday afternoon I was adimitted into the hospital with the inability to walk and feel anything from the waste down. I stayed in the hospital for 8 days. I underwent 5 mega doses of steroids, 3 plasmapheresis treatments and many MANY MRI's. My husband of 6 months walked out on me and told me to move in with my parents and I was forced to face everything on my own. Because this was the first flair up the doctors said they could not give me the MS diagnosis because they need to see two. In July 2016 I went into the hospital for 16 days where I again lost all feeling and ability to walk from the waste down. I spent 8 days in the hospital and 8 days in a rehab facility where focusing on walking and getting better was my focus. Because I am not a typical patient the doctors said that it wasn't MS that I need to have another episode because it was a different hospital compared to the first flair up. They couldn't say it was MS becuase they needed to see another episode. So instead they gave me the diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis. Today June 19, 2017, after many doctors, many tests, many MRI's I have finally been given the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I'm scared, Nervous and worried about what my future is.

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