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My Story 1 Appreciate this

My story...when, where, how ??? My biggest challenge is the medical field. Seeing Drs that don't see me, my words fall on deaf ears, my future is unknown only my now is certain...I try to put myself in the docters shoes and understand there lack of in put into what they cannot explain...so I am left with that forever comment "we dont know" it screams MS and yet they wont diagnose...I've been here before and if I choose to listen to a Dr. who says "maybe it's in your head" I no longer allow this to come undone over...what in a 30 min. appt with someone who has never seen me before or will ever again has no power to upset me. My search is not over, the answers are here...I know that.


Type of MS Possible MS, Newly Diagnosed with MS, Other similar condition
First experienced symptoms1990
First Diagnosed 2015
Symptoms Fatigue, Numbness, Walking (Gait), Balance, & Coordination Problems, Bladder Dysfunction, Bowel Dysfunction, Sexual Dysfunction, Pain, Cognitive Dysfunction, Emotional Changes, Depression, Spasticity, Speech Disorders, Swallowing Problems, Headache, Seizures, Tremor, Itching, I am having electrical shocks that come and I cannot move my legs and the pain is so crippling that I cannot speak.
Treatments Acupuncture, Exercise, Physical Therapy, Over the yrs there have been so many....


Living Well with MS Caregiver Support, Emotional support, Healthcare, Mobility and accessibility, Relationships and intimacy
Research Research news
Hobbies and other interestsI am hoping to find a way to help others while searching for answers....I don't know how I will hhelp but I know somehow there is a purtpose for me here

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