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Hello, my name is Anthony, I am 50, I feel that it is important that I mention I had 14 surgeries for colon cancer / colitis during the time I was suppose to be experiencing high school and I am also a recovering alcoholic / drug addict. This is important for me to share because I often use the same coping techniques and recovery practices to get me through many of my MS flares. I am also a national anger management specialist as well as an emotional intelligence instructor and coach. I never did graduate high school however I did go to college and I have a degree in psychology. Regarding the MS symptoms that lead me to my diagnosis (2012 age 43). I experienced total, head to foot numbness on my left side, I had complete mobility yet no feeling. I began dropping things because my brain couldn't make sense of holding something I couldn't feel. I also had sixth cranial nerve palsy, my right eye would freeze, no peripheral, along with poor balance and coordination. I may have been diagnosed earlier had I not been drinking and getting loaded for so many years. I always had these symptoms and just thought it was the drugs or alcohol. I was just recently wrongfully terminated, due to my MS, so my biggest struggle today is financial and concern for how to take care of my family. My hope is to become a part of discussions and groups participate in fundraisers and help to bring about the cure for MS and other similar diseases that are difficult to understand, ie fibromyalgia. I always feel better and it gets me out of self loathing to help others. I have a non profit designed to help provide work, food and shelter opportunities for the homeless.


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